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13 amazing types of readers, which one are you?



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Books are the common love of readers across the world. There are various genres of books and so are readers! Some bookworms stick to a particular genre while some book lovers can’t digest the idea of e-books. If you look around, you can see multiple types of readers. So here we are compiling 13 types of readers:

1. Reading a book anywhere:

This type of readers are always seen carrying a book in their bag and they start reading on a platform, bus-stop or even in the crowded train. They don’t bother about place and just start reading whenever they get some spare time. They love when the trains get delayed because they can’t leave climax midway!

2. Lonely reader:

‘Reading at a quiet place’ is the motto of this type of readers. They neglect the crowd and always search for a quiet and lonely place where they embrace the blanket and keep reading because nothing should come between them & their book!

3. The night owl readers:

This type of readers are somehow similar to the previous one. They hate the daylight and love the light of a lamp and bed; they can read a book for the whole night. No wonder, they don’t wake up early! 😛

4. Made for literature only readers:

This type of readers love to read theclassic hardbound books. They always pick up Charles Dicken, Shakespeare, Jane Austen books. They become an angry bird when they see any grammatical errors in the book. They are the biggest haters of Chetan Bhagat and ‘You love me’, ‘I love you too’, ‘why I still love you’ kind of books!! 😀

5. Romantic readers:

Romance is the only genre for this kind of readers. They always fall in the love with the characters, their love story and always dream that their love life should be like the one in the book. They are hardcore fans of Nicholas Sparks!!

6. Hard copy honest readers:

This type of readers are truly dedicated to hard copy books. They hate the idea of E-books & audio books. They love to call themselves ‘old-fashioned’ and say they fall in love with the book merely smelling the pages.

7. Fiction readers:

‘Books should be fiction’; this type of readers live by this motto. They love dreams, fantasies, imagination & fictional characters. They often wonder why people read non-fiction.

8. Non- Fiction Readers:

On the contradictory, there are also readers who love to seek knowledge, facts and information thus read non-fiction. They always go for history, biography or books which will teach them something. They believe that real life is more interesting than fictional life.

9. Partial readers:

They pick up a book with lots of hope and flip few pages but soon get bored and go for another book. In fact, they aren’t even able to read a single book in a year. When you will ask them the reason they will simply say. ‘It was boring’ ‘I didn’t find it interesting’ ‘worthless’. 😛

10. The book lovers:

They are the enthusiastic readers and hardcore book lovers. They have a mini library in their home but always fear to give their books. In simple words, if you borrow any book from them they will dictate end number of rules like ‘don’t fold pages, use bookmark’, ‘don’t read book while eating’, ‘Do not leave any stain on my book’ and the ultimate is ‘my book should look like new.’ 😛

11. Re- Readers:

Yes! There are also readers who have read their favorite book for umpteen number of times. They don’t bother to be updated with any new release and debut authors.

12. Emotional readers:


These readers always sync with the characters of the book and whenever anything happens to the protagonist they can’t hold their tears. They will not talk to anybody and spend their whole week overcoming the grief of their favourite character in the book.

13. Book blabbers:

You don’t have any topic to discuss but these readers always have a topic to discuss and i.e. Books! They can speak for hours about the book they are reading or have read. They don’t even bother if the other person reads books or not. They keep blabbering until everyone slowly disappears from the group. 😛

Agreed bookworms?? Which type of reader are you? We would love to know, please let us know in the comment section below! 😀


Author: Sheetal Maurya

Sheetal Maurya is a full-time blogger. She is a die-hard bookworm and has read more books than she can count. She believes in the art of storytelling and reviews books so that the world can choose the best ones and embark on an adventurous virtual reading journey.


  • Pooja Kshirsagar August 8, 2016 Reply

    I am usually the night owl one! Although I also read during the day, I think the best time for me to read is night because it offers peace and solace!

    • Sheetal Maurya August 8, 2016 Reply

      Yes, Pooja ! Actually I also love to read at night but I end up sleeping instead 😛

  • Pankaj Gosain August 8, 2016 Reply

    To be frank, I only used to read before examination.

    • Sheetal Maurya August 8, 2016 Reply

      Yes, there are many who do read just before exam, for passing purpose 😛 😀 Thanks for commenting 🙂

  • Haha..I think I’m bits of all the types except #5 and #9…. 😀

    • Sheetal Maurya August 8, 2016 Reply

      Me too 😛 Welcome to my blog 🙂

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