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3 and a Half Murders by Salil Desai – Book review


3 and a Half Murders Book Cover 3 and a Half Murders
Inspector Saralkar mystery
Salil Desai
Crime fiction
February 1st 2017

Two corpses . . . a woman lying dead on her bed, a man hanging from the ceiling fan.
A suicide note cum murder confession.
And a name . . . Shaunak Sodhi.

When the case comes their way, Senior Inspector Saralkar has just been diagnosed with hypertension and PSI Motkar is busy with rehearsals of an amateur play.

What appears at first to be a commonplace crime by a debt-ridden, cuckolded husband, who has killed his unfaithful wife and then hung himself, soon begins to unfold as a baffling mystery.

As clues point to a seven-year-old unsolved murder in Bangalore and other leads emerge closer home, Saralkar and Motkar find themselves investigating shady secrets, bitter grudges, fishy land deals, carnal desires, the dead woman Anushka Doshi’s sinister obsession with past life regression and her husband’s links to a suspicious, small-time god-man, Rangdev Baba. And then, suddenly, the murderer resurfaces and yet another life is in grave danger . . .

Can Saralkar and Motkar get to the bottom of an unimaginably shocking motive and stop the malevolent killer from committing the fourth murder . . .?


This book comes as a giveaway copy from the book blogger Vishnu. (Not to mention a long time ago :P) so big thanks to him as well as to the author & publisher for sending this book to me. Pooja has already read and reviewed the first two parts of the Inspector Saralkar mystery i.e. ‘Murder of Sonia Raikkonen’ and ‘Killing Ashish Karve’ ; after reading her convincing review I decided to read this book. So let’s check more about this book.

Plot summary:

Set in the backdrop of Pune, two corpses has been found in a flat of Atharva Apartment. The prima facie shows that the man has killed his wife and hangs himself. The name of the victims is Sanjay Doshi and Anushka Doshi. The suicide note is also found which points the involvement of Shaunak Sodhi and some debt issue. Though this seems a clear cut suicide case, the female victim’s face has been destroyed by the acid like trying to conceal her identity.

Another thing police find that they don’t have anything in their home like id proof etc. which a normal citizen keeps in a home. Inspector Saralkar is in-charge of this case with his subordinate sub-inspector Motker. Saralkar’s mind keeps making theories about this case.

The case development indicates that this case is related to the 7-years –old murder and con case in Bangalore. The senior inspector decides to go in past and founds some valuable information.

During all this, an anonymous letter comes to the inspector saying the sinister intention of Anushka Doshi and her obsession of past life regression. The small-time god–man is also on the radar for his connection to Sanjay Doshi.

Sometimes clue comes when you do not expect and here the same things happen. Inspector Saralkar and his team have to solve this case on urgent basis as another life is endangered. Will they able to do this on time? Who is the perpetrator? What is his/her motive? Read this book to know further.

Writing style:

The language and narration are super easy making you read this book in pace.

My perception:

I really enjoyed this book. This is one of the best murder mysteries I have ever read. The character of Saralkar is very intriguing and inspiring. I am going to read other books of this series super soon. The author has also given a little hint of satire in this book. The police procedure is perfectly elaborated by the author. The ending was good but the same concept has been used by Vish Dhamija in the book ‘Bhendi Bazaar’ so the ‘astonished’ factor was missing for me and that is why I have given it 4 stars otherwise this book is neatly written.  I have found that this author has a unique way of writing and I wish he could get more recognition.

Overall a perfect crime, mystery & thriller book which will hook you till the last. Do not miss this book!

Grab a copy of this book from here, 

Until next time, Keep reading 🙂 

I won a review copy from Chevus’Read. Follow Chevus’Read blog or their facebook page for more updates.

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Rating 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 .
This book comes as a giveaway copy from the book blogger Vishnu. (Not to mention a long time ago :P) so big thanks to him as well as to the author & publisher for sending this book to me. Pooja has already read and reviewed the first two parts of the Inspector Saralkar mystery i.e. ‘Murder of Sonia Raikkonen’ and ‘Killing Ashish Karve’ ; after reading her convincing review I decided to read this book.
🔽full review is on the blog, you can find the link in profile 🔼
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