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Interview of Ravi Nambiar, The author of ‘Monsoon Minds’


“…The hardest part is to weave some abstract thoughts in to a storyline and the easiest part is once this idea is born writing comes like a flow.” Says the author Ravi Nambiar. 

Hello readers,

Today we are going to interview the author Ravi Nambiar, who have presented a whole platter of human emotions through his short story collection book ‘Monsoon Minds’.

1. Welcome to our blog, kindly introduce yourself to our readers and your journey from an entrepreneur to a writer?

I am a nomad, wandering from one thing to another. I always wanted to write. However, destiny took me to being an entrepreneur.  Now, after nearly two decades of entrepreneurial journey, I am trying to return to what I enjoy most.

2. Why did you choose to debut with the short stories? 

All the tales are based on people or incidents that I have come across in my life. To weave a single story with all these characters from different walks of life and incidents would be difficult and would result in injustice to the original character/incident. Therefore, I chose to put them in their different compartments.

3. From where did you get the idea for this book? 

I got the ideas from various places and people that I have come across / met during my journey and the incidents that I had witnessed in my expedition.

4. Which story you most loved in this book?

A Rural Desire. It is mostly a first-person account.

5. Your favourite author and favourite books/novels.

There are many. However, I would put RK Narayan on the top.

Similarly, there are many in my favourite book list.  But, ‘The Guide’ by RK Narayan fascinates me the most.

6. If you have to dedicate this book to one person then who would it be?

Not one, but a few – the characters in these short stories who lived and gave me enough inputs to weave these stories.

7. What are the perks of being a writer? 

A feeling of self-actualization when I can transform my thoughts to words in black and white.

8. What is the best compliment you have received for your book so far? 

I had sent a few author copies to some of the giants in the literary world and one of them was Sahitya Akademi member, C Radhakrishnan. He called to appreciate my maiden work.

9. Tell us about the happiest moment of your life.

Very difficult to pinpoint to one specific happiest moment, but giving a small gift to my parents from my first earning for all they have done to make me what I am today, is the most cherished moment of my life.

10. Apart from writing, what are your  other hidden passions?

Being an entrepreneur, doing something and anything good for others.

11. What is the hardest and easiest part of writing? 

The hardest part is to weave some abstract thoughts in to a story-line and the easiest part is once this idea is born writing comes like a flow.

12. Who inspires you most in your life?

Everything around me – the people, the surroundings, the places and the nature.

13. Tell us about your future projects.

As of now I am taking a short-break and sitting back contemplating on my next creation. The vague idea that I have in my mind and working on it to tell the world through protagonists that anything can be achieved in life with manifestation of intense desires.

14. Anything you want to add for my readers?

Keep reading!

15. A billion-dollar advice for aspiring writers. 

Not to cook stories, but to get inspired by what you see around!

Thank a lot author Ravi Nambiar, It was a pleasant experience to interact with you. Hope your book will reach to wider range of audience. 

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