Hurrrraaayyy! '101 Book reviews', '69 Authors' and more to come...

  So finally, we have completed ‘101 book reviews’ and covered ’69 authors’ from across the world and I am so excited to share this good news with you all! I have started this blog just out of the curiosity and my love towards books but never knew that it will earn lots of love […]

BUGman by Sachin Kodagali, Santosh Avvannavar - Book review

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Title: BUGman Author: Sachin Kodagali, Santosh Avvannavar Genre: Fiction Publisher: Hoffen Release Date: October 2nd 2016 Format: Paperback Pages: 76 Source: Review copy “Knowing the unknown is better than not knowing at all”. Sa & Sa journey of ‘Testers’ & challenges. Sa and Sa unveils the journey of software professionals. Sa and Sa Unveil this […]

Lessons In Our (Early) 30s by Libby John, Jillian Kaiser - Book review


Title: Lessons In Our (Early) 30s Author: Libby John, Jillian Kaiser Genre: Non-fiction Publisher: LJJK Publishing Release Date: February 12th 2016 Format: E-book Pages: 177 Source: Review copy Lessons in Our (Early) 30s is a book highlighting the lifestyle of the single woman in her early thirties with a focus on self-improvement. It includes personal […]

Death by Roses by Vivian Probst - Book review

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Title: Death by Roses Author: Vivian Probst Genre: Fiction Publisher: SelectBooks In Release Date: February 3rd 2015 Format: E-book Pages: 296 Source: Review copy For the first time in nearly thirty years of marriage, Art McElroy Sr. buys his headstrong, disapproving wife a dozen yellow roses. Hours later he discovers her lifeless body seated on […]

Different Walks by Taylor Hartshorn - Book review

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Title: Different Walks Author: Taylor Hartshorn Genre: Fiction Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform Release Date: October 1st 2016 Format: E-book Pages: 288 Source: Review Copy A stack of letters burned a hole in the box under Sage’s bed for the past sixteen years. There wasn’t a day she hadn’t thought about them, just sitting there […]