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Interview of Nihara Hareesh, The author of ‘Relentless: An Inspirational Love’


“…One cannot escape one’s life entirely. But sometimes someone walks into your life and changes everything you ever believed in.” Says the author Nihara Hareesh. 

Good afternoon readers,

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce you all to the author Nihara Hareesh. She is a lifestyle blogger and runs a successful blog She made a successful entry into the world of writing through her love fiction ‘Relentless: An Inspirational Love’.

1. Welcome to our blog, kindly introduce yourself, and your journey to becoming a writer?

I am Nihara Hareesh. Blogger, entrepreneur and now author. I currently reside in Dubai and “Relentless” is my debut book.

2. Why did you decide to debut with a love fiction?

I am a romantic by nature. I am big on happy endings and Romance is a topic that hits close to home. My parents have an amazing love story and that always inspired me.

3. From where did you get the idea for this book?

I spent a couple of years in boarding where I had come across a couple of real life love stories. Relentless is inspired from one of those stories. All the characters in the book are inspired from real people, especially the character Dean.

4. A lifestyle blogger turning into a writer, do you ever wanted to write a book or it just happened?

I started writing at the age of 11 and publishing my own book was over 12 years in the making. ‘Lifestyle Glossary’, my blog, was started with a motive to refine my writing. Writing was definitely a part of my life since childhood.

5. How much was it difficult to write a book while managing a blog?

Writing a book while managing a blog and a business was definitely challenging. I lacked inspiration in the beginning because of the hectic work schedule. But traveling always helped me get my mojo back. A major chunk of the story as written during my press trips and hotel reviews.

6. You have created the characters having the terrible past and also given the tagline in book ‘A past you can’t escape’. In real life, how much past is important and how it affects life?

It’s rightly said – “Past is a part and parcel of life”. One cannot escape one’s life entirely. But sometimes someone walks into your life and changes everything you ever believed in. And that’s what adds that zing to romance. This is exactly what I wanted to portray in my book.

7. Your favourite author and favourite books/novels, which we should read.

My all-time favorite book is “eleven minutes” by Paulo Coelho. It is quite intense and throws light on the fact the love is beautiful and everyone deserves love. A must read.

8. If you have to dedicate this book to one person then who would it be?

My Dad for the unbelievable faith in me. His constant support is my biggest treasure.

9. What are the perks of being a writer?

The biggest perk is seeing your dream come to life. Running my fingers over my name on the book was definitely priceless.

10. What is the best compliment you have received for your book so far? 

“Impressed with the narrative skills of a debut writer. Good to know that there are love stories like this around us. Isn’t it the same kind of love we dream off!! Pure and eternal.”

This was the best compliment I received.

11. Apart from writing and blogging, what are you other hidden passions?

I am a singer. I come from a musical background. My parents are professional singers. That’s also how they met. I guess you can say it runs in the family. But immensely passionate about it too.

12. What is the hardest and easiest part of writing?

The easiest part of writing for me is developing the details in the story. The hardest part however is editing. Editing is the most crucial yet the most time consuming part of the entire process.

13. Tell us about your future projects. Any other genre you want to try?

I am working on my second book. It is set to launch on valentine’s day. I would definitely love to try my hand at writing horror. Probably a long way down the lane.

14. Anything you want to add for my readers?

I really hope you like reading “Relentless”. I genuinely look forward to your feedback. And you are definitely reading the right blog. Halo Of Books have the most honest reviews. Continue to support Halo Of Books. They deserve all the

15. A billion dollar advice for aspiring writers. 

Never give up! I almost gave up a couple of times but I always decided to go ahead and try again. And “Relentless” was finally born. I hope I get read your wonderful books to one day!

Thank you so much dear author Nihara Hareesh, it is really great to have you here. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your book as well as on writing. ? I hope this would be a source of a great deal of inspiration for our readers. It was a pleasure interviewing you! 

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